Snow Ride

Tonight, a snowstorm appropriately called Hercules has grabbed the Northeast by the balls. Delays, plows, school closings, driveways to shovel and we’re sitting on our asses, snowed in exploiting Netflix. Courtesy of Overthruster, a.k.a. Pleasuredome reader and friend Colin Lacativa, He’s made a nice mashup of Glenn Frey’s Miami Vice hit “You Belong to the City” and French house genius Kavinsky’s “Blizzard” for those of you out there trapped in the snow. Enjoy the warmth of the house—or shall we say, belong to the warmth.

New Zealand singer Shona Laing had a niche stateside hit in 1988 with “Soviet Snow,” a perestroika-era meditation on the imminence of nuclear war. Released internationally a year earlier, the lyrics are about as relevant as Red Heat, and there hadn’t been a “fear of freezing” since, what, Rocky defeated Drago?

Finally, here’s a rare cover that exceeds the original: The Bangles’ redux of Simon & Garfunkel’s “Hazy Shade of Winter”—which it certainly looks like with the way the wind is blowing. Hailing from the soundtrack of the lush-looking but otherwise horrendous Less Than Zero, the Bangles version has far more desperation thanks to the slamming drums of Debbi Peterson and rad additional guitar work from Oingo Boingo’s Steve Bartek. I’ve always been fond of this song’s powerful sound, a strength that should help you beat these subzero temperatures and accumulating snowfall.

And maybe you’ve got an ice-cold Pepsi in the garage to bring it on home:

Enjoy the snow… until it’s time to hit the shovel.


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