Game Console Inflation? Not That Bad!


I’m nowhere near Reddit, but through a Facebook contact, Game Informer has posted this handy guide to modern pricing for most, if not every major video game console that originated from a Redditer . A ColecoVision cost roughly as much as a PlayStation 4 does now, while an Xbox One is still half the price of a Panasonic 3DO in modern money.

Nintendo gets tons of points for keeping very consistent prices throughout the years. Also of note: $200 in 1977 for an Atari 2600 is almost $800 now. $200 for the NES at launch was $412. That’s good ol’ Reaganomics at work, people.

However, do consider that no matter how much you love your NES…

A funny story related to Genesis: Erix Antoine of The Erix Antoine Network once rented Joe Montana Football with his cousin in the 90’s. I’m not and never was a sports game player, but supposedly, it’s extremely hard. So hard, that his cousin got so fed up he stroked a pencil over the chip in the cartridge than scrawled on the art with said pencil, THE HARDEST SPORTS GAVE EVER FUCKING HARD.


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