The Bat-Disc We’ve All Been Waiting For


Leave it to Conan O’Brien, of all people, to be the bearer of the nigh unattainable news that the 1966-68 Batman TV series:

That’s right, folks. Adam West, Burt Ward, the rogue’s gallery and the gaggle of Bat-hyphenations is finally getting a home video release. The holdup has attributed to multiple reasons, and given its continued popularity it’s puzzling we’re finally seeing the William Dozier-hatched series make its rightful, official home video release. Rights issues have been an easy assumption, given the amount of cameos on the show.  There’s also been DC Comics’ disapproval of the famously campy nature, especially after the 1989 film and, most recently, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy. Factor in 20th Century Fox as the producer of the show and you’ve got yourself a clusterfuck decades in the making.

Luckily, Batman ’66-related merchandise from figures to an amusing comic series based on the show (The Joker even has a painted-over mustache!), so this is arguably the final stage of Batman‘s re-acceptance into pop culture.

How soon will we be seeing the set? Will there be extra features? Will there be a Blu-ray set on top of a DVD set, and will it include the movie? Stay tuned for the official announcement, same Bat-time, same Bat-blog!


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