How many of you are not excited for Captain America: The Winter Soldier? It better be none of you. Okay, maybe I’ll stomach one unlucky bastard for not mustering up the excitement for what’s sure to another win for Marvel Studios. Whether or not it can top Iron Man Three for me remains to be seen, but my close friend Josh Marowitz (follow him on Twitter @IAmJustJoshing) saw an advance screening in Raleigh last Thursday night. His response: “…not just the best Marvel film yet, it’s the best comic book movie ever. Period.” This is coming from someone who adored the first Cap (and after multiple viewings cited that as his favorite), and the last time he said this thing sort of thing as a gut reaction was The Dark Knight. I don’t know what to tell you other than get excited, boys and girls.

cap2A couple months ago, I gave some love to Francesco Francavilla and his beautifully rendered Batman 1972 concept art. Now, Eisner award-winning artist Paolo Rivera has taken the purported 70’s conspiracy thriller influences of The Winter Soldier and embodied them into the beautiful poster above. The structure of the characters, the quote marks around it, implying The Winter Soldier is the standalone title of the piece… I adore the out-of-time look to this. Had this been done 40 years ago, I’d put money on something like this happening. All it needs is the old rainbow-like Columbia logo or A UNIVERSAL RELEASE in the bottom-right and boom. Ready for prime-time in ’74.

Not a paranoia thriller tack, but enjoy with some cool 70’s music:


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